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Short Erotica from K.C. Burns

About K.C. Burns


K.C. Burns has been writing seriously for about ten years. With the explosion of e-readers, and parallel movement of erotica (haha-unintentional pun) KC has combined a love of sex and writing to publish out of Kansas City, Missouri. Speculative fiction is the core of her writing, and she brings this to her erotica to spin sexy tales based on solid characters and fun stories.


Angel of Vice and other naughty stories

K.C. Burns has found juicy little stories quite fun for warming up in bed (or on the couch, or in the kitchen). So if you are lusty lovers or a sexy single, here is a collection of stories to add a little heat to your evening (or morning, or mid-morning, or afternoon). Find more of her work on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite reading outlet.

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